[My Month in Numbers]

My Month in Numbers is a feature I've been blogging since January 2010.

At the end of each month I compile a photographic 'scrapbook' of the things that happened during that time using numbers as a way to tie them all together.

Just think of it as memory-keeping ... by-numbers!

After lots of questions about how I recorded my monthly statistics I created a 'How To Record your Month in Numbers' tutorial which you can read here:

I wrote lots more on how the whole thing began and ideas on how to make it your own in an article for the debut of Jot Magazine which you can read [online and for free] here.  
  • I've found it a great regular way to keep track of the big and little things ... and I'm someone who never managed to keep a diary beyond February ...
  • Blogging your month this way is also useful as a place to house your journaling, which you can return to at a later date to add to your scrapbook pages.
I'd love for you to join in, get inspired by the idea and make it your own - if only for just one month.

You're welcome to join in with your responses in any format [eg. Instagram, Project Life, Twitter, blog post].

And here's a little additional guidance of how My Month in Numbers is organised ...

Join an expanding community of  Month in Numbers bloggers:
In January 2012 I set up a Month in Numbers Pinterest board where I pin everyone's posts as a way to keep them all together making it easier for us all to visit one another's posts.
  • as a result, the number of bloggers taking part has grown
  • which has led to more comments being left by more MinN bloggers
  • and more visits being received and friendships being made by those taking part
Everyone is welcome to join in this simple way to collate their month's moments and add 'My Month in Numbers' to their blogging repertoire.

So, if you'd like to join the growing band of number bloggers ...

Here's the Month in Numbers 'etiquette':
If you write a post and want to leave a link for myself and others to visit and/or pin then here's a few things for you to keep in mind:

1. I can only 'pin' a post to the http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/ board if it contains at least one image or photo [that's how Pinterest 'saves' pages]
  • If you just want to write a post without photos then you're 100% welcome to. I will still visit, leave a comment and others will see your link in my comments section.
  • but if you do want your post pinned ...you will need to add a photo of something ... anything from your month.
2. My Month in Numbers thrives on its  shared, communal, spirit: 
  • When you swing by my blog to drop off a link to your Month in Numbers post - please leave a comment for me, Julie, while you're there. Not because I'm needy ... but because it feels fair. Reciprocal. And because it's much nicer if you don't just drop your link on my table and leave without saying hello! 
  • Please remember to link to my blog in your post. As much as I'd like to think that everyone who reads your blog already knows what 'My Month in Numbers' is [hey, it's nice to be popular, right?] ... the truth is, they don't. So unless you explain to your readers where the idea comes from and how they can join in too, they'll never know.
And finally ...
  •  Please try to take time at some point in the coming month to visit and comment on a few of the other posts too. It really does help build a community around not only the My Month in Numbers idea ... but also around your own blog space. Please take time at some point in the month to visit and comment on a few of the other posts too.
If you still have any questions just get in touch. My email's in my right sidebar as are the links to my Facebook page and Twitter.

I'll look forward to reading through your vital statistics!


Until you get round to collating your own, here's my life so far, in numbers:

January -
February -
March -
April -
May - A big book and an even bigger bird and bird's nest and a new desk to cover in rubbish!
June - New hair, fairytale fashion, the end of Justified and the start of Christmas crafting.
July - a hot start where I bumped into Shakespeare, lots of Barons and a lot of old knives and lavender.
August - Hamlet!!! Nothing more to say on this one. I saw Hamlet, tried to sneakily cry and stood up all the way home on the train. But I saw Hamlet. Did I mention that?
September - where I met new people and an old machine. Where I didn't read about sausage meat but I did see an inspiring Macbeth-style carvery. And where there was a rather special egg custard and an even more special red moon.
October -
November -
December -

January -
February -
March -
April -
May -
June -
July -
August -
September -
October -
November -
December -

December -
November -
October -
September - nuclear spiders, a Festival of Thrift and an afternoon tea.
August - a trip to the 1860s and up 199 steps and why we went outside at night to 'wave to Howard'.
July -  there were a lot of steps this month, some which I measured on my new pedometer and others which took me into the roof amongst 13thC beams!
June - there was some serious time-travelling going on this month when I hopped back to the Women's Suffrage movement and had a peek into Jane Austen's wardrobe!
May - where library books met over 2 days worth of crime drama and how to feel 20 years younger!
April - a month of rock n' roll wellies, Titanic snacking and reaching my fundraising target
March - a  month of friends, fundraising and working around the missing pieces.
February - a place where Vicory Rolls met the shame of a library fine ... all under the influence of silver boots.
January - a month of Monsters, zebras and bowler hats [but no monstrous zebras in bowler hats]

December was filled with food and drink and bunny ears which looked ...wrong.
November a feast of ombre tomatoes, soup, starlings and sandwich-bag-socks!
October featured fleecy flammable uniforms, headless [clay] birds and a panoramic view from my workplace.
September was a mix of genteel afternoon teas and leaks, seepages and biscuits in the bin.
August began in an Olympic manner and involved lots of reading and re-jigging!
July this month there was shredding, history and the outdoor life.
June the Queen's Jubilee then + now, leopard print jeans and a moustache. Mine.
May saw an anniversary, a debacle over a long-awaited book and some 'brown' brown hair.
April saw something of a Spring clean, an obsession with Timothy Olyphant [which lasted beyond April, if I'm honest] and a demolition ... or two.
March was part scone, part lost-chocolate and part foggy yarn-bombing.
February was a month of counting sun rays, reading about a French cemetery and singing 'Aiy, aiy, aiy'.
January - a year's supply of toilet paper and averting a button-twine custody battle.
December - a warm winter, a debut craft fair and an abridged tall tale.
November - marking a blog birthday, a new creative opportunity and a very early Christmas lunch.
October - Skip-rat romance, Plundered Pages and a Purple Phase.
September- Seaside pastimes and a mouse in abag. Don't say I don't have a varied life.
August - Going back in time, wet ears and a squash in the doorway.
July New hair-techniques, new shoes and new discoveries about pumpkin fertility ... quite an eye-opening month.
June - time travel, shrinking Curly Wurlys and shimmery shoes.
May - a comedian, a notebook coincidence, a lot of Tweeting and ... shoes.
April - a broken mirror, a brilliantly biography and a bad tempered alcohol related rant!
March - it's all about the old this month: an old greenhouse, some even older books and telling a newspaper I'm a year older than I am. Oh and ... a Tweedle-Dum suit.
February - a big book; beautiful boots and a bizarre scratch in the floor.
January - a new year and some new accessories ...like a loaf-tin hat.
December - Big mugs, a blackbird and a problem with ones pipes.
November - Starlings, evil cheese and a bulging 4x4.
October -  Pumpkin, plaster and inopportune meringues.
September - ProMarkers, floundering, fabric and hotel gounds envy.
August - Badges, books, postcards and chain-mail feet.
July - Christmas, curries and synchronised sofas.
June - Marigolds, missing pieces and vengeance.